Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

A healthy life, particularly when you're not totally healthy

One should not underestimate the importance of being in a good shape, it helps a lot alleviate the main issues of being sick. You have an overall better baseline to start with, which helps get better quickly after an operation, recover better, have a stronger immune system against opportunistic infections, and it helps a lot while in a long term chemo protocol, when your immune system is going to be put under attack.

The irony of being in good heath when you're gravely ill is not lost on me, but from my dialogue with surgeons, oncologist and nurses, it is clear that the whole process is much faster, and less painful than if you arrive at that point with a few chronic illnesses, a list of daily medicine to take, and an overall fair to low state of health.

One of the things you get told often, is that you should eat and avoid losing (too much) weight. This is due tot he fact that many people start losing taste, and can develop much sores and other side-effects that affect the pleasure of eating.

I particularly try, during the second week, to eat more in order to compensate potential losses during the first one. Imagine my surprise when, this Friday, i had a normal breakfast and lunch, and then a nice dinner in a very good restaurant, invited by a friend i hadn't seen for a couple of years, and came out quite full in the evening, to find out next morning that i had lost half a kilo! How, where?
Be prepared to have your body react differently from before, this should come back to normal within three to six months after the end of the chemo.

Today, take two, i finally managed to take my first real run. And after 1,4 km, i was fully exhausted as if i had ran three times the distance. I'll try to make it a daily occurence, as i have decided to go next Friday to the open night at my squash club, that is after about three months off the courts (and our surprise victory in a team tournament on 15/06)!

This will surely be quite taxing...

The two other team members

The prizes (we got the bottles of wine)

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