Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Eating by colours

White: white fish, yes; rice, yes; pasta, yes; white meat, yes; white bread, yes; chicken, yes; white wine, cold is an issue, but not cold is not good, so restricted to second week, two glasses max.

Green: broccoli, not yet; artichoke, too strong for me now! green beans, limit intake; green peas, yes

Red: red meat, yes but not too often; apples, yes; tomato, yes; red wine, yes but not before day four of week one, limit volumes to two glasses; beetroot, don't really like it; strawberry or raspberry yoghurt, yes (with muesli at breakfast); salmon and other red fish, yes.

Yellow: corn on the cob, yes; banana, yes; hard cheese, yes (see red wine, above); potatoes, yes (baked, boiled, french fries etc); cheesecake, yes!

I usually mix the colours, but have also had monochrome meals at some point, like white fish and rice...
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