Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Small steps, big achievements

Yesterday 13 000 steps, that is over 10 km, today 8000, as long as it doesn't rain i try to walk as much as possible.

Some thoughts that came to me this morning:

1- Cold is bad. Unpleasant. Stinging sensation on the fingers, the tongue. Avoid getting that type of cancer in Norway, Alaska! Although, eating much more fish maybe you avoid colon cancer? Particularly if you smoke only salmon?

2- Nap is good! After lunch, fatigue steps in, and a small hour or so lying down is very useful. Getting into rhythm with Simon the cat, i guess he thinks i finally understand his life philosophy!

Some pictures from the bottle that's gone, no nauseous tendencies this time, no difficult nights, let's cross fingers on this one...

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