Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

End of session 2: bottle and other details

It seems the flow was faster this time round, because as of this morning, the bottle is already nearly empty:

So i guess i can go to the clinic a couple of hours earlier than last time, and i'll try to document the process, which is very fast.

Yesterday afternoon, the tingling int he fingers was present, as soon as i got inside a cold supermarket and started choosing products, this should go away in the next few days, but for the next session, i will have to use gloves when shopping. It could have looked strange when the temperature is over 30 outside, but that won't continue, so...

I would also like to report that this blog had a record number of readers yesterday, 41 here and 7 on its "mirror site" on blogger.

Welcome to all new readers, and hope this is a place where you can find both information, and solace.

This is a happy place where a full recovery is being documented, and any inconvenience or side-effect is just a little blimp on the road to good health!
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