Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Let's sum up the first chemo, while the second one starts

Early morning, Monday, direction the clinic, first the lab, at 8:30 for a blood sample, to check the haematology.

In case the basic data, such as haemoglobin, platelets, white cells and within these, neutrophiles, are too low, chemo cannot take place as planned.

The oncologist is called by the nurses, and depending on the data, can decide to lower the doses, or postpone the session by one week.

So, the lab tests are done in extreme urgency, and forwarded to the day ward. If the data is fine, the nurses order the internal pharmacy to mix the chemo drugs, in my case Folfox. Which takes another half-hour. It's an example of on-demand tailor-made production line.
Once i was told that the data is good, and that i'll have my session, i asked for those metrics, in order to be able to feel the feedback from my own impressions, and how it translates in raw data.

Here we are, number crunchers:

1- Haemoglobin: 12,8; the norm is between 13,1 and 17,2, but my normal is between 13 and 14 so that's close enough. a few days after the surgery it was 11, so i'll give this a pass.

2- Platelets: 333000; the norm is between 150 and 400K, my normal is between 280 and 350K, si this is a very good number, considering it was down to 209 000 after the surgery!

3- White cells: 5800, with the norm being between 4500 and 11K; My norm being between 5 and 6k, with one occurence of 7k this is a very good number ( it was 5000 after the surgery).

4- neutrophiles: 2660, with the norm being between 1800 and 7700. Mine being between 2200 and 3000, this is also a good number.

Conclusion: no visible reduction in immunity (yet).

I went out under the warm sun and celebrated by buying a nice home-made Italian ice-cream, or should i say gelato?

Two scoops in one cone, what a pleasure under the sun...it turned out not to be. The first tongue lick, and this famous tingling all over the tongue, nerve sensitivity, you again? So soon!

Had to go back and pick a plastic spoon to be able to complete this degustation with minimal tongue stings...

Conclusion: no ice-cream and no alcohol for the first 4 or 5 days of the chemo week...
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