Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

A bad night

Or should i say a short night?

In any case, an unpleasant moment, as pangs in the lower intestine have woken me up and led me to the toilets about once every hour, each time with some results, but each time more difficult to go back to sleep.
Finally, after 5 visits and a "last push" at 04:30, sleep came as a reward for a full two and half hours...

Feeling quite empty in the morning, and the scales did prove it, as 900 grammes lost compared to the previous day!

There have to be other ways to detoxify your body! Or to diet, which in fact isn't the case, as the appetite is good, and yesterday i had perfectly normal rations.

Don't think i would be able to stand such a night even on a weekly basis, for the remainder of the chemo!
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