Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

A transition day

Today is a quiet day, all the chemo products are now in the blood stream, and are doing their thing, so it's a good moment to come up with intermediate results and metrics, to be compared with the same data before the next session.

The weight is stable, temperature was 0,5 degrees lower than normal this morning, but during the day it got back to the standard 36,5 under the tongue.

Blood pressure 91/53, pulse 61. Was higher for some reason in the morning.

Yesterday i walked a lot, 14000 steps or 11 km. Today only 6 km and 8000 steps, but that's still quite fine.

Saw my surgeon for a small check-up, he cut the surgical thread that was put for the last suture, and gave the green light for light physical activity: swimming, jogging, cycling, but fitness and squash will have to wait another month.

On the other hand, some light effects have started appearing. Very slight access of nausea yesterday afternoon, small digestive moments, a bit of fatigue leading to taking a short nap after lunch.

Nothing much, but as the sessions start piling up, this could creep up and start being more of an issue.

I'll keep you informed...
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