Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

First chemo session, part three or epilogue

Checking how the bottle inside the bottle reduces in volume over time can be a disappointing experience, i have been told by the nurse that the flow is 2ml per hour!

In any case, from this morning, the thing seemed less and less full, running on empty, so around 12:30, we set out towards the clinic again, this time to check that our understanding of the bottle fully full is correct, and get this off my chest, in the most literal meaning.

The whole process is extremely short, taking off the tube, inserting a small syringe and pushing some liquid in, then aspiring to draw some blog out, just to verify that the vein is in contact, then using another syringe with some liquid to rince, and taking off the syringe planted in my chest, right above the portacath.

It could apparently be painful, as i am asked once again to breathe in, and let it out only after the syringe is taken off, but i don't feel anything.

A number of questions on the possible side-effects experienced up to now, some advice in case of tinging sensations of the fingers.

We agree on the time for the next chemo, which will have to be preceded by a blood test, and i'm off under the sun.

Deciding to walk for half an hour, on the way a certain uneasiness starts to grip me. Not entirely sure if this is the first example of a light nausea, or a hunger pang.It's already 15:00, maybe hunger.

Finally home, i have to lie down for an hour, sleep half of it, and feel oK afterwards.

Time for some recreation, then, this was shot yesterday evening by the lovely Gella.

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