Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Chemo day, session one, part one!

Ten in the morning, checked in and got led to my room, after the necessary administrative procedures.

Day clinic, no bad vibes, but after two weeks of reading, thinking, and possibly fearing the side-effects everybody is speaking/writing about, this seems it!

A nice nurse starts explaining all the various procedures that will take place today: first of all, a blood test to check red cells and white cells, plus a couple of cancer markers. No blood test today though, as they will use as a baseline the one i did a week ago when installing the portacath. But this will be a pre-requisite for each of the next sessions, as the chemo mix can be modified in case of weak results, or even postponed by a week if they are bad.

Then, the system itself of inserting the catcher in the portacath was demonstrated as an example, then done in-vivo.

The nurse seemed, based on her experience, to prepare me to stand the pain of inserting the needle in the portacath, as she said she'd count to 3, ask me to breathe in fully, keep it in, and then exhale after she's pricked the son and gone in the portacath. Must confess i barely felt a thing, but she checked she was well into the contraption by drawing some blood from the vein before launching the solutions.
First in was some serum, plus an anti-nausea. Then there was Calcium and Magnesium, and some vitamins. This all took about one hour.
After which the first chemo product was in, for about 30 minutes. It includes real platinum, and this is supposed to mess up with your taste, but it's in concentrations that will not make you rich if you try harvesting it (although it probably does ratchet up the bill).

Then some more serum, again Calcium and Potassium, and a second chemo product.

After that, some additional liquid to "clean the box", before getting ready for the 48 hours dose of the second product this time at a much slower speed.

I'll give more details about that second part tomorrow, as it should hopefully stay an uneventful day, but here are some more pictures.

Stay tuned for more, soon!

This is right before inserting the needle!

And this is a close-up of a used portacathh, but mine has a violet plastic coating it seems.

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