Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Before the start, some baseline data

As chemo starts on Monday, and before leaving for a short sunny week-end at the seaside, now seems a good milestone to report some basic data, which will evolve during the cure:

1- weight 59,5 Kg (normal)

2- blood pressure: 94/49 (slightly low but only by 10% compared to my normal, and it changes during the day)

3- pulse: 61 (also a standard feature, it can go lower but as i can't yet do sports it may stay above 60, we'll see, it's a real variable)

4- temperature: 36,5 under the tongue, that represents an internal temperature of 37, which is my standard value

So, all in all, a perfectly normal data set for me, 4 weeks after my operation i'm fully back to my previous self.

Let's see how ( or whether) this will change with the first chemo session!
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