Long time no see

Just thought I should update you a bit, after quite a few months.

Did a new series of tests, with a PET-scan and blood tests. The scan was fully positive, although it did recommend to go see a throat specialist, to check some inflammation. Which turned out to be an inflammation. No worries.

I should be able to get my portacath off whenever I want now, which will probably take place sometime in February, incidentally two years sharp after the end of my chemo protocol.

And that's good, because, and here I should warn you guys, I found out that, at least in Belgium, there were new procedures linked to portacath maintenance.

I had missed a six months point to go and have it checked, in order to make sure it's not clogged or something, because the cancer treatment zone moved to a new hospital, further away from work, and not so convenient. So I finally went there last summer on a day off, and when I finally found the service in a maze of levels, corridors etc, they asked what I was in for, and after I said I wanted my portacath flushed, the answer was: "Oh, you're not aware? We don't do that anymore, there is a new recommendation applied in our hospitals, not to do that, because of the excessive risk of nosocomial infection" Say what? So now you're telling me that every time this thing is flushed there's a heightened risk of infection, possibly with antibiotic resistant bacteria? 

So, guys, if you wear one, and have it flushed every two or three months, be ware and be extra careful! And don't keep it too long after you're in the clear, for the other issues linked to them...

What else? Well my blood values which were completely screwed up by the chemo are more or less coming back to normal, with the Gamma GT, i.e liver function, down 50% from its unbelievable data right after we completed the chemo. Still about 4 times above the normal ceiling, but it used to be 8, and it's going in the right direction, so that has to be positive.

Been gaining weight, losing half of the excess weight, then gaining it back. I will now tackle this seriously, but I fear that I will not get back to my pre-diagnostic weight, which was probably one or two kilos lowered by the active cancer.

In any case, as my cholesterol has shot up, this is also for non-cosmetic reasons, as I want to avoid being put on statins for the rest of my life.

Goodbye eggs at breakfast, fries and croissants. With the once in a week or two exception. But then, when you do have one, make it count by having one of the best available!

And to close this piece of news, please welcome the new addition to the family, young Elvis, one year (and still plenty of time to grow)!

Maine Coon


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