And the new results are in

After quite some delay, i finally got the results of my new series of tests. Being only sent by mail, they arrived while i was away, so that took quite some time.

The ultrasound of the abdominal area is perfectly normal, and the CEA marker is good and stable at 1,9.

The blood test results are more or less as expected.

Gone is the slight anaemia of last October, and the red and white cells are fine.

On the other hand the Gamma GT is going down very slowly, which means that some of the effects of the chemotherapy are still there. Either that or someone has been feeding me alcohol while i was sleeping.

I hope this gets back to more reasonable readings by next time, as i don't think this is very good for the liver.

Cholesterol is pretty elevated, i need to review my diet, although the impression is that i'm not doing anything out of the ordinary, i may have to cut some of the eggs i enjoy at breakfast, reduce the delicious Belgian chocolate, and see how that goes.

But those things are now in generalist territory, so this is encouraging, and has a whiff of "business as usual" that is reassuring.

Hope you're all doing fine, and didn't miss me too much in the meantime!

(avoid working for peanuts as the guy on the left)


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