Conclusions of a chemotherapy, part 6

As i threatened earlier, dear readers, those posts are getting sparser. Because they have to be meaningful, and not full of ramblings, or just basic day-to-day info.

So, without further ado, what exciting news do i have to share with you today?

Well, yesterday was my first day back at work, after a good year off.

Nothing too heavy, a day of seminars and conferences, as my job description has (will) change a bit. OK, radically, but only because you insist.

In fact, i'll know exactly only next week, as the Division of the International Organisation i work for is under restructurisation, with a new boss, so he's reviewing the exact job description of  each staff member, but suffice to say that, instead of working on Russia, then Eastern Europe, i will be working on African countries. More to follow, in case that's of any interest to you.

But what i wanted to share is the satisfaction of donning again a suit and tie, going out for the whole day and meeting colleagues, some old faces, many new ones, listening to our specific jargon, and preparing to a return of my pre-cancer life, working in an office, with tight deadlines, complex issues, demanding higher-ups and serious issues.

As i was only in listening mode, i was able to stay on for the whole day without any sign of weakness or need to lie down, i'll update you next week with the first productive days, as i'm pretty sure i lost a good part of the rhythm that i used to have.

Obvious pluses: re-socialisation, lunches with colleagues and friends, chit-chat and gossip with other people.

Obvious minuses: my cat will stay alone a good part of the day, work can be tiring at first, less time for hobbies and errands.


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