Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

First post-chemo check

This week i finally managed to get a blood test, in order to check the levels of two specific markers of gastro-intestinal cancer, the CEA and the CA 19-9.

The use of cancer markers is not without controversy, as some of them give too many false positives, or are not specific enough, like the CEA, which starts to become elevated only once the cancer has spread beyond the colon, and even in that case not for all cases.

As a consequence, the main use of this test is to check if the levels have gone down from before the cure (surgery and/or chemotherapy), or on the contrary goes up, which most probably then means that the cancer is back or has started evolving again.

In my case, the data in June, before surgery was 2,8 for the CEA (norm less than 4,7), and 18 for CA 19-9 (norm less than 27).

This week's test results are in, and we have got 1,8 for the CEA, and 17 for CA 19-9.

So, all this is very encouraging, and in two weeks i'll have the PET-scan to check in detail that everything is effectively good and dusted.

In terms of side-effects or well-being, since last post, i can say that the levels of energy are back to close to normal, and that the only possible remaining sign of the chemo is, from time to time, some numbing of the feet, but now mostly located around the toes, not the heels anymore.

Looking forward for this last sign to disappear by the time i can announce the scan results...
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