Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

One month later

And a visit to my surgeon.

After some extended external, and one internal palpation, according to his expert assessment, everything is fine, at least in the colo-rectal + belly area.
No swollen lymph nodes, no strange noises with the stethoscope, all tissues are soft as they should be, the machinery is working and he's happy.

However, in order to validate this positive diagnostic for the rest of the body, two procedures are still necessary:

1- blood test with specific cancer markers, will be undertaken next week

2- full body Pet-scan, apparently it's better to wait two months after the end of the last chemo session, to avoid any interference due to possible inflammations, created by the toxic chemicals. So this final test has been scheduled to April 3rd, so a month more to wait...

Other favorable signs are a tendency for growing nails faster, and hair seems to be also recovering by becoming denser.

All this is nice and dandy, but one more month before i can confirm victory!
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