Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Nearly 3 weeks on

So what's new?

Same old, same old.

But i missed you, dear readers, concerned friends, unknown strangers.

What can i report? First of all, the nose bleeds are much less frequent, maybe once a week only.

However, the numbness of the heel are still quite present, but i was able to eat an ice-cream recently, so the neuropathy is receding. This is of course helped by the milder weather, and in a month spring will be here, but in Brussels even now temperatures around +10 more or less, can last for a good couple of months, and they seem to be above the threshold for tingling of the hands.

napping is also mess frequent, maybe a couple of times per week.

I've restarted early morning jogging, signed again for Monday evening squash games, so i plan to be back in full shape within a month or two.

Next week i'll see my surgeon, he'll prescribe the end of treatment blood tests and PET-scan, so if nothing serious happens in the meantime, i'll update you with the results of these tests in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your presence, the blog (and its sister blog on blogger.com) has reached 3000 hits.

I hope it brought information, maybe relief to readers suffering from cancer, or having a close one suffering (or having suffered) from that.
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