Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

One week later (but one day early)

I wanted to update now on a weekly basis, so my next post would have been tomorrow, but there are some new facts that i felt obliged to share early.

First and foremost, i discovered, to my great surprise, that, while it never happened during treatment, suddenly my facial hair (beard, moustache etc.) started to grow significantly slower than usual.

I had shaved on Saturday around lunch time, and when i wanted to shave again on Monday morning, i was stunned to see that i didn't really need to.

I enclose a picture taken this morning, so after about 66 hours...

On the other points, well while decreasing, the sensitivity to cold is still very much present, as a cold drink will still provoke sensations around the mouth, as well as inside, and finger tingling, along with difficulties to grasp an object if needed. This doesn't stay for a long time, and is not permanent, so it should subside over time;

Another thing that kind of appeared is a fleeting numbness of the feet, if in direct contact with cold. I don't think i experienced this either during the treatment, so it's a bit bizarre to start experiencing this from time to time.

Nose bleed is still quite present if provoked, towels can confirm...
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