Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

First reflections a few day after the end of the chemo treatment

Now a couple of days in the process of recovery, and before this becomes natural and uneventful, some remarks that i can make, on the top of my hat:

1- the neuropathy is easing away, helped by warmer temperatures, but not only. This is a very good sign, and i hope that it will be forgotten within a few weeks.

2- the nasal bleeding is not totally gone, but it's not on every sneeze, so that one is also being phased out.

3- sleep is better, i am getting back to my usual routine in number of hours, i can get up earlier and have restarted my (hopefully) daily routine of planks, and various other warming-up exercises, before the shower and breakfast.

4- in general i feel an increased tonus, but while the need for naps or rest is fading, it's not yet gone, that should take some more time.

So, the overall psychological elation is going hand in hand with a physical improvement, feeding each other in a virtuous circle.

Let the good times roll!
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