Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Breaking good: installing the portacath

"I don't remember, I don't recall, I got no memory of anything at all" sings Peter Gabriel in one of his songs, strangely named I don't remember.

And that's what i thought i'd post today, after the small operation needed to install my portacath.

But things didn't exactly go as planned. First i forgot to come with an empty stomach, i had a light breakfast, so we delayed to operation by three hours or so.

When they took me to the operation room, i was left to marinate for about 40 minutes, while the surgeon finished the previous one, then the anaestesiologist came and told me that i would not have a deep narcosis, just a light one, which would leave me conscious. What?

And for the first time, barring some light dental procedures, i was fully interacting with the medical staff during that short operation. How strange and slightly creepy! On the one hand, comfortably lying on the operation table, a warm blanket on top, the head turned to the right, while the team is busy working on the left side. I heard some sort of small electric tool, and was aware that they were cutting my skin, but felt nothing. The surgeon asked me how i was, we chit-chatted, then he got busy. At some point he said "I'm in", by which he had successfully inserted the plastic nozzle in the main vein, and was pushing it towards the heart. I got a faint impression that i could visualise what he was doing, but didn't really feel it. Weird. But peaceful, at the same time. A sort of schizophrenia, where a part of you knows and understands what is happening to yo, and the other one doesn't care as it doesn't feel it.

After 15 or 20 minutes, everything was sewed back, the box is just below my skin ready for the first injection of Folfox.

Checking the pulse and blood pressure, taking off the catcher and a quick bite, and i was able to go home.

Not painful, but not totally oblivious of the thing either, it is a bit disturbing to move the left shoulder.

Should pass after a few days, i'll let you know.
Tags: anaesthesia, chemotherapy, portacath
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