Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Session 11, day 2

While i thought that the cortisone would again make it a sleepless night, i must say that the accumulated lack of sleep in two nights fiddling with my heating, with the new furnace working about an hour before giving a fault message, and having to be soft-reset manually to continue heating, had taken their toll, so i needed up sleeping quite well.

The hand tingling is now quite a constant, and i have to resort to wearing gloves most of the time in the apartment, which is a bummer. I guess this will pass before the end of the week, and i sincerely hope that the neurological damage is not deep enough to be reversed after the end of the whole series of chemotherapies. But it's about time this reached its end, as this is the strongest side-effect i have had to cope with.

No nauseas, no stomach unease, that's fine.

Nose bleed present when provoked, thats also pretty normal, and not too frightening anymore.

So, more or less Ok for the time being, let's see during the day how that pans out.
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