Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

How much for your life?

As the year winds down, it's time to reflect on 2016, and of course the big story of the year, for me, has been the diagnosis, and treatment, of my colon cancer.

While insurance companies have complex calculations to assess and evaluate the cost of a lost life, in case of accident or illness, i can safely, in my case, estimate the cost of saving one's life.

Prices are in Euros, and this concerns Belgium, you will find different prices all over Europe, hopefully not dramatically higher, nor so much lower.

North-America prices will undoubtedly be much higher, for reasons people who live there know better than me (or it's a mystery to everyone).

In my case, the original complex check-up was free, and covered by my employer's plan, but it would range in a few hundred euros if you decided to do it yourself.

Colonoscopy: 1710,45 €
Tests and biopsy of the malignant polyp: 319,60 +737,95 +97,93 = 1152,48€
CT-Scan: 319,60€
Pet-scan: 800€
Pose of the portacath: 1900,77€
Colonectomy: 13410,69€
12 chemotherapy session at 820,82€ each = 9849,84€
Pet-scan post chemo: 800€
Various consultations along the way: 630€ + 340€ = 970€
Various drugs: 100€
Taking off the portacath (in one year): 1900,77€

Estimated total: 32914,60€

I am positive that you can buy a quite nice car for this type of money, and even if your health insurance pays 75 or 80% of the sum, the remaining will be a burden for many families.

It then makes sense to resort to preventive medicine, instead of curative medicine.

Eat healthy, don't smoke, drink less (and better quality wines and spirits), walk more, do exercise, make yourself happy (i know you deserve a nice present), and you may avoid this type of expenses, not taking into account the stress, the anguish, the pain, the time needed to go through all this.

As i mentioned earlier, add life to your years, hopefully add years to your life too!

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