Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

A Christmas miracle?

And to stay in the holidays spirit, today i will talk about my neighbour, who was down with throat cancer a few months ago, after a misdiagnosis months earlier.

He had to undergo daily sessions of radiotherapy, for 6 weeks, then stop to let the scar heal, then do tests (blood and PET-scan) to see how the tumour had reacted.

He was very pessimistic, as he constantly mentioned that all his friends who had that type of cancer died within one year (and all with mine were still alive).

I've made it a duty to call him or see him at least once a week, he was weak, grumpy, depressed, often alone.

He wasn't able to eat most types of food, his throat got burned, and after completing only two-thirds of his protocol, the clinic stopped, as it was getting too dangerous to continue.

The asked him to stay put for a couple of weeks, in order for the scar to heal, and afterwards they'd start checking.

This week, after the results of his blood tests came, he was told that he was cancer free, but they were unable to understand how that was possible!

They asked him plenty of questions about his life style (yes, he did continue smoking a bit), made a few additional tests, and voila: he got his Christmas present! No more cancer, a new lease of life in front of him...

We had a nice dinner with him and my lovely Gella, celebrating Zul, the buddhist Kalmykian New Year, with the appropriate Kalmyk dishes (Bortsoki, a sort of thin donut, and Beuriki, a local type of dim-sum).

For a new light, a new life.

May you all be blessed and your wishes fulfilled!

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