Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Session 9, conclusions

Last chemo of the year! Yeah!

Three to go, all in January 2017, then late February the PET-scan to sum up these 6 months, and hopefully call it quits, for good.

Can't express how better i feel without the catheter constantly linked to my chest, slowly pumping its poisonous liquid into my system.

While i am still free of the majority of side-effects, the three that come regularly are the numbness and sensitivity to cold for the fingers, tip of the nose and chin, then some leg stiffness during the first three days, and finally the sleepless night between Monday and Tuesday, thanks to cortisone.

That's probably a low price to pay, although i have a feeling that if this was to continue too much, new side-effects could appear.

So we're back on track for Xmas and New Year excesses, particularly food, drinks and presents!

Wishing all of you, ill or not, under treatment or cured, happy holidays!

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