Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Two square centimetres of anxiety!

Unexpectedly, this morning started on the wrong foot.

I woke up with some feeling on the tongue, and instead of just swallowing, I took my tongue out,N and found a piece of tooth on it!
What?! This is the beginning of the end, decay is progressing, when did this happen?

I tried to call my Clinic, but the dental department doesn't work on week-ends.

Got up, had a look in the mirror, and saw that the fallen piece comes from the top part of a front tooth, which is better.

I calmed down a bit, washed carefully my mouth, and then remembered that this tooth got broken while playing squash some years ago in Moscow, and that this was just a piece of a crown put on the tooth itself.

Turns out the artificial bit lasted only 8 or 9 years, biological systems are not shutting down, crisis averted, alarm level back to green.

The next few weeks will surely be full of discoveries...
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