Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

What i write about when i write about cancer

To paraphrase Murakami, when i write about cancer, i don't really write about:

- illness, as it's just a small part of life, and to some extent i write about life

- my illness, because it's not about me, really, me and my illness is just a pretext to write about something larger

- pain, because pain is very personal, each person has his own thresholds, each cancer provides its own levels of pain

- fear, because fear is the enemy, and you don't want to feed your enemy!

After some thinking, it dawned on me that i write about choices.

The choices made in the past, the choices one is making right now, in the present, and the choices that it opens up in the future.

While not everything can be fully correlated to a cause/consequences relationship, it is obvious that some past choices are largely responsible for some future outcomes.

Most smokers will eventually develop lung cancer, or die of something else before they even manage to reach this outcome. There is a choice of starting or not starting, stopping or not stopping and so on.

Many types of cancers are linked to either such life choices such as smoking, drinking too much, eating unhealthy foods.

Some are more difficult to avoid, like environmental factors. Living in Norilsk or Beijing will surely bring pollution-related troubles, and not everybody can afford to move to a cleaner part of the same country, or change countries.

However, stopping to buy diesel vehicles, cycling, using electric or hybrid modes of transport are also a choice that eventually should make a difference.

Past choices largely explain the present, and present choices largely allow to predict the future.

I'll try to develop those thoughts in upcoming posts, and in the meantime, thanks to all who contributed to this blog, as well as its twin on blogger. com, reaching upwards of 2000 hits.
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