Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Cancer club membership

This week i met two colleagues or ex-colleagues, who asked me in which department i was working right now. As i explained that i was on a long-term medical leave, and having chemo, both of them turned out to have had cancer!

One had had the same colon cancer as me, but only stage II, and was cancer free for the last 20 years. The other one had had breast cancer, with chemotherapy after surgery, and had had serious side-effects, preventing her from taking showers during her treatment.

Plus there's my neighbour who has throat cancer and radiotherapy, and i'm sure that, according to the principle of the new car, which i delved on earlier in this blog, i will be meeting more and more cancer patients, and cancer "survivors" (i prefer ex-cancer patients, but this is personal).

That got me thinking, that i had, unwittingly, been admitted in a kind of secret club, not fully dissimilar to the Free Masons, where there are codes, possibly special handshakes, steps and so on. And i never even applied!
I didn't get screened for entry, although that may be inaccurate, if you take into account the colonoscopy and the scans, i did get screened, but didn't understand at that time that it was for club membership...

As this is just dawning on me, i haven't fully realised the consequences of that membership. Which is for life, as long as it gets, and for free, as long as i have medical coverage!

So, present, past and future members, whom i a now forever bound by our personal link with cancer, it appears that i am now also forever ready to share details of my personal story, and express understanding and compassion towards yours.

Should we start wearing some distinctive sign to identify ourselves to one another? Could someone send me the club's rules so i can look that one up?
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