Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

8th session, final thoughts

Two-thirds of the way completed, feels really that things are moving in the right direction.

But winter, colder weather, short days are a source of unease for the next few sessions.

In terms of side-effects, the clear and regular winner is of course the sensitivity to cold.

I've been a bit careful with food this time, so the tongue didn't feel bad, but fingers, and when walking outside, tip of the nose, and at some moments the tip of the chin did feel a bit of tingling.

But if you are well prepared, and dressed accordingly, plus a rather mild end of autumn weather in Brussels, i'd say that was very acceptable.

Small cases of muscle stiffness in the leg, particularly after sitting or lying a few hours; i had noticed that a bit in the past, it's transitory (meaning that by Thursday afternoon this had disappeared).

And to cap it all, acid reflux on Tuesday morning, unpleasant but limited in effects as the stomach was quite empty at that time and this didn't lead to vomiting.

One nap on Wednesday afternoon, after the bottle with Oxaliplatin was taken off.

Met by chance an ex-colleague, who told me that she had also had chemotherapy after cancer, and that during the protocol, she was unable to take showers, as she very quickly also became sensitive to hot water!

Have to consider that i'm getting off lightly, at least for the time being...
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