Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Breaking good: preparing for the next procedure

In a long term curative process, there are peaks and lulls.

The surgery was a peak, intense and full of surprises, but overall not something totally unexpected or unmanageable.

Three weeks later, feeling perfectly fine and no worse than before, with only a few stitches to show, the whole plateau of the chemo, with its regularity, every two weeks, and it's long list of potential side-effects, seems like an absurd long trip into terra incognita.

In any case, fast approaching is the "small surgery" needed to place the porta-Cath, this is now scheduled for Monday 22/08. Another "little" anaesthesia, a half day at the Clinic, and a week to prepare for the start of this new, and hopefully final phase.

Is it essential? Are there alternative therapies? The internet is full of those, based on the juice of potato skins, or the root of some flower. Some look more crackpot than others, a few are even tempting, but none should be pursued in parallel with chemo, it's either before, or after. So, all considered, I'll play the odds and follow the cure that's statistically been showed to improve the survival rate of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people who catch this cancer every year.
With my understanding that I am not inside the movie "Groundhog's day", where Bill Murray's character can die as much as he wants and wake up again on the exact same morning, or use that day to improve his skills and his morals. I have only one opportunity to make it right, at least, in this universe (for those of you who strongly believe in multiverses), and my reaction to this therapy can be perfect, good, average or less than.

We'll all be fixed in a few months.
Tags: chemotherapy, groundhog's day, statistics
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