Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

And now or something completely different: hospital food!

Of course, most patients do not choose their clinic or hospital based on a review of the hospital fare that will be presented to them, but once you start going there often enough, the meal starts becoming a milestone in the daily buzz of the procedures, and as such it deserves an entry here.

While i can't boast that i've been visiting all, or even many such establishments in the Kingdom of Belgium, or even in Brussels, i now have a few months of experience with one specific clinic, and will report on the meals that it serves.

As i have mentioned during my 6 days hospitalisation, in July, the first time you get something, anything to eat after a few days without anything solid is extremely satisfying, even if that was a few biscottes with butter and some tea.

But getting a real meal was the great prize, a couple of days later, and was devoured with glee. I didn't stay long enough afterwards to enjoy the monotony of the various foods on offer, but having now received an additional 8 lunches, every second Monday, i can say the following:

1- the meals appear pre-cooked in the service, and are re-heated once you have positively replied that you're willing to eat. The re-heating process varies, sometimes one or more elements are cold or lukewarm while others are fine, sometimes everything is cold, sometimes everything is very warm.

2- the default position for food is boiled. Boiled potatoes, boiled spinach, boiled or broiled meat,pasta with a bit of cheese (which i have to take off as i don't really like mac and cheese), soup, rarely rice, the only thing raw is fruits.

3- taste is not generally present, as in "would probably be wasted on you, as your tastebuds are gone". No salt, no pepper.

4- the meat is usually prepared so you don't really need you knife. Meatballs in tomato sauce, meat patty, only once a very thin slice of roast beef swimming in an indescriptible sauce, but it also could be cut just with the fork.

5- haven't seen fish since the last day in hospital before being released into the wild, although that one time was pretty good, and the fish seemed pan-fried. Probably a mistake they still regret to this day...

6- the wine list is inexistant...

7- there is no bread, although there is a cafe downstairs that serves breakfast and lunch where you could pop down and buy some, but its all the tubes connected, you probably won't bother.

To sum up, i think this clinic deserves two out of five crutches, for its lack of variety, its bland, but generally inoffensive offerings.

The usual:

The exception:

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