Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Session 7, final thoughts

Now that the mid-term has been reached and passed, the countdown to the end of the procedure is on.

But this will lead us to February 2017, winter (is coming), cold weather and many other unpleasant moments.

All in all this session went fine, with the nerve damage present, but not as strong, but that was probably due to abnormally warm weather. Trying to drink a glass of cold Coke zero proved beyond my possibilities, and those last days, i had a small appetite, a significant lack of taste for the food that was served, not much interest for cooking.

I also took a nap on Wednesday afternoon, before going out for shopping.

As a result i lost in 5 days the weight gains made during my week in Portugal...

A few interim conclusions:

1- Even with mild and limited side-effects, it is not possible to consider that the procedure is business as usual.

2- The sheer quantity of liquids pumped in the body each time is considerable, and getting rid of them over the first 4 days of the first week is the main activity of these days, allowing to go back to a normal quality of life.

3- Changes to taste, appetite, desires are clearly perceptible, and make those first few days stand out against the backdrop of the remaining days before the following session.

4- Fatigue can hit you any time, but in my case mostly early afternoon. Sleep patterns can become muddled if you give in too much and go to bed too early, leading to possible insomnia. Which would then lead to tiredness and fatigue, a vicious circle.

To go with today's mood, i played along a melancholic version of "More than this" by bruin Ferry, which he performed at Glastonbury in 2014:

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