Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Session 7, take 2

On the back of the unseasonably warm week here in Brussels, with 14c yesterday an d13 today, with a sunny day (rainy yesterday), i had hoped the tingling would not be an issue this time around.

While there is a progress, it's merely the threshold that's been placed higher, meaning that i can go out longer without feeling tingles, but eventually they start anyway inside the light gloves wear today; sae thing for cold items taken from the fridge, without my "kitchen glove", i can touch food for a few seconds more before the feeling start creeping in, after which it's better to wear the glove, so why not start with it anyway.

No feeling of nausea, but the appetite is not ideal, as there is a loss of taste probably until Thursday morning.

Digestion is slightly off, but nothing serious to report here, so all in all it seems this will be a comfortable session.

Let's document it with before and after pictures!



Tags: chemo session 7
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