Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Chemotherapy: Starting the countdown till the end

It took me a few days to put this into words, but as I am approaching the 7th session, or as my love says, the 6th from the end, the count-down from 6 to go, till the last one, feels like a burden.

I'm not sure this is linked to the fact that I noticed that my hair is thinning, while no obvious fall is recorded, or the lingering difficulties in drinking cold liquids or eating ice-cream, but an overall lassitude has appeared before this new cliff of the remaining 6 sessions.

Barring any new side-effects, there is no rational or concrete reason for that, except that three months have already passed, but three still remain ahead.

Without any mid-term scan, there is no way to check that the job is done, or half-done, though my doctor is very happy with my blood tests and my reaction, or lack of major issue with the chemo, up to now.

Still I am committed to continue till the end, even if the feeling that we could stop already will probably grow over the next sessions.

Whether it's because you have trouble withstanding the sessions, or on the contrary, because you feel already very fine, don't give in to those voices and keep up the treatment till the end of the protocol chosen for your very personal case!

It's your best chance for a full recovery!

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