Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Session 6, final observations

So, here we are, half way through.

Once again a good session, with no other side-effects than the nerve damage producing tingling of the fingers, tip of the nose and even now the edge of the chin, when the weather is cold, or when i touch a cold item, for instance in the fridge.

The night between Wednesday and Thursday is again a post-inundation event, where every 90 minutes you have to get up and pee, wondering in amazement at the litres of extra liquids that have been pumped in your system during those three days, seeing it all get out! One kilo easily lost during the night, according to my scales...

Still very happy to be without that additional reservoir of liquid clinging to my side, and slowly (2ml per hour) delivering its kiss of life/kiss of death to the good cells and bad cells (like the good cop/bad cop routine) directly through the vein!

In the coming days i will probably be a bit less present, and will be reflecting a bit on what this means, and how i feel about reaching in a better than expected shape this milestone.
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