Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Breaking good: the new car effect

So, this is how it works, you decide to buy, let's say a BMW, a nice series 1 with a good engine, for instance the 135, as reviewed here: http://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/bmw/m135i.

You pay a deposit and sign a contract, and wait a couple of months for delivery. And during this period, you start seeing that car everywhere! It's not that suddenly there are so many more around, it's just that you became more sensitive to it, and notice it more often, now that you are going to join that owners' club.

Well, for a serious illness, it's the same. Once you're diagnosed with cancer, you read about it more often, you hear about it all the time, and more and more people you know are ill with it, or had it (and survived, or not).

In my case, my neighbour took us for a drink last Monday, and informed us that he had throat cancer, and would be operated today.

That was quite a shock considering that he had told me that he had undergone tests a year ago, and they had told him that it wasn't cancer, but probably some sore vocal chords. Suddenly, one year later, they checked again his tests, had a look at other data, and told him that they had taken the bits for the biopsy just a few centimetres from the effective tumour. Sorry! And they wasted a year, allowing some breathing room for that thing to grow...

Went to see him today as he was waking up, he looked OK, but i'll try to find out more about his prospects in the coming days.

Anyway, just to say that, once you got it, everybody either has it, had it or will have it; or someone found a potential cure, or a potential cure didn't work out, or a new potential cure is just around the corner. If you let this go to your brain, it will become the only thing you think about. And that's wrong. Which is why i am now going to stop this blog for today, take my bass and play some Coldplay and Alt-J.

Tomorrow, same place, have a nice evening folks!

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