Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Fifth chemo session: conclusions

Now that the bottle of Oxilaplatin is gone, a small record of this session is due to you, faithful readers who have now reached 1500 hits to this blog.

Blood pressure 106/53 and pulse 63, that is good.

I must say it was a lovely day outside today, sunny and not too cold, so i walked a lot after i got the bottle off, about 8700 steps and close to 7 km.

Temperature is fine, and most importantly, i have not had any nauseous state, or digestion problems, or even the usual low-level unease i used to have during the first 3/4 days of the chemo week.

That' perfect, as i can really feel better without, leaving us with only the tingling in the hands inc are of cold as the side-effect of the session. And that also should subside quickly.

A nice surprise, as we're getting closer to the first half of the protocol.

Thanks for following, and let's see how this goes from here on.

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