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Cancer surgery and chemotherapy seen from another perspective

While things are looking good for this fish session, about which i'll update you tomorrow, i wanted to reflect on how the experience can be seen and felt from an alternative perspective, so today i will give the floor to Simon, who will explain his point of view.

This is Simon:

And this is his take on tho whole story, so far:

I am unsure i fully understand what happened, but to me, since this summer, i can firmly say this is the best time ever!

You need to understand, while we've known each other since i was very small, we started living together only in 2008. I immediately recognised Pierre as the dominant male in the family, and in general i have been impressed by his ability to feed me, to take care of me and to be available for caressing me when i needed, and for snuggling at night.

Still, for a large cat, he's always had his defects, such as a lack of a significant moustache, that would allow him to find out if he can hide in a given hole or box, and while he always brings food, he doesn't seem to hunt it. Also, while he does have some visible hair, it seems really underdeveloped for an Abyssinian cat.

I never quite understood why he feels necessary to leave in the morning and come back in the evening, as if we're not really comfortable home. He even has the habit of going away for a few days, i resent when i see him packing, i show it by lying on the suitcase as much as i can, but he's always come back, and i'm grateful.

I remember he once stayed home for a longer stretch, a few years ago. One day he came back with a new object, but it didn't smell much. he switched it on, and it started delivering vibrations, good vibrations. he said it was an electric bass. he'd never had something like that, but he started using it regularly. The vibrations gave way to sound, the sound transformed into songs. I encouraged him to continue, every time he picked up the bass, i would come close to show support, and soon enough i was his number one fan.
He's continued playing to this date, although he never took me to concerts, but every time he played home, even with other musicians, i was close by.

But i digress, back to this summer, i remember it finally started to be warm and sunny, and he started to stay home all the time.

That was nice, even if that meant that i was not able to sleep my full 18 hours a day, as he tends to come and pet me regularly. but that's fine, i am a good sleeper, i can go back to sleep even after a nice petting job.

Then he disappeared for a week, and came back looking pale and thin. But he had discovered what i'd been trying to teach him for such a long time, the afternoon nap!

This is great, now we can share more time together, he's warm and comfortable, when he doesn't turn, and i'm happy to see him progress. About time he won some more cat credentials!

He does continue to go out, but he comes back much sooner, so every time he's back i show him i appreciate that by rolling on the floor and letting him pet my tummy. We both like that.

I don't sense any depression in him, or i would be working on that. he's sometimes a bit tired, but then, he's usually doing too many things, and not with me.

We continue to have music sessions, songs are more complex, i like his choice of music, mostly.

In the evening, we go to bed together, i sometimes hide inside, and lie on his legs, sometimes he takes me on the side and i curl in his shoulder. When i'm warm enough i go out and sit on the covers while he sleeps. I wake up earlier, but try to let him sleep at least six hours, if im' not too hungry.

he sits in front of the computer a lot, if i find it's too much i go and tell him:

I need to conclude or i'll be late for my next nap.

The way i see it, it's our best time ever, together, and i'm confident he feels the same way.

What is to be expected in the future? I'm a cat, so i live in the present. Maybe you should too?
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