Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Living on the roller-coaster

After a week of nearly normal life, with all vitals good to excellent (temperature stable at 37, blood pressure and pulse good°, sports activities on, feeling perfectly fine, it's easy to forget that you have passed only one third of the chemo protocol.

With only 36 hours left before the 5th session, it's possible to reflect on how i feel, with this next procedure looming large in my near future.

Well, i see it exactly like that:

You reach the top of the roller coaster, after a long and leisurely ascent, during which it was possible to admire the landscape, but now the speed of the ascent is slowing, and you can feel that you're now once again pretty high, and soon you will start that crazy slope again.

Basically, it's a roller coaster ride that you're going to take 12 times, and each time you have about 4 or 5 minutes going down, scary things, moving in all directions, then it slows and your guts get back in place, for ten minutes with the last couple of minutes going back up again to prepare for the next ride!

And, for some reason, the park manages to modify the ride each time, so that, while it does seem familiar, the twists and turns seem also slightly different, you have a global idea of what to expect, but it will not be 12 times exactly the same track...

Except it's not minutes, but days, and of course the price for each ride is not 20€ but 800 a piece!
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