Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Another bad night

To be added to the list of difficult nights, the Sunday to Monday night proved difficult, and yielded some new side-effects.

Spent the day feeling a bit strange, a little uneasy with light pangs coming from the lower part of the abdomen, from time to time. Nothing terrible, nothing hard.

But after a light dinner, things went south.

I had not had a significant stool for two-threee days, but once i was relaxing in bed for an early night, the need to free myself from the added weight took over, and a very significant contribution to the folks at the municipal wastewater treatment plant was made and delivered.

But after some time, the nagging pain came back, already with some signs of acid reflux.

90 minutes later, i was back on the throne, more work for wastewater, but also a brief acid reflux, and once that passed a serious hiccup.
It took me 15 minutes at least to get rid of the latter, try to find a comfortable way of lying down, but too horizontal encouraged the reflux, while keeping the head more vertical discouraged sleeping.

While i don't exactly remember what happened, i woke up again an hour and a half later, and once again, same thing, down to the hiccup!

I started to consider calling first thing in the morning the Clinic, in order to get some medicine against the acid reflux, and probably something to regrow the intestinal flora; however, a last toilet stop around 6 am suddenly cleared all this, and i have been free of this type of reflux for the whole day.

As a result, i slept only 3 hours, and had time to check up this in the list of side-effects. In essence, the main advice is to avoid eating too fatty, avoid spicy, no smoking, limit alcohol and then, my preferred advice: use trial and error to find out which type of food works for you, and which doesn't, while you' re under chemo.

Which basically means that different people may react differently at various times to various foods, and you have to make yourself sick experimentally to find which food is bad for you!

Extremely useful...and i have started by cutting my eggs consumption.
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