Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Cancer and you, some thoughts

As i'm drifting comfortably in the peaceful days in between two chemo sessions, and there's not much to report in terms of events, issues or breakthroughs, a few thoughts that have been gathering since end of June and the diagnostic, and now after surgery and one third through my chemo procedures.

This may help some fellow cancer patients, or people who have a cancer patient in their family or close friends.

1- You are not defined by your illness, in fact it's the opposite, your illness is defined by you!

To a large extent, how one reacts to the diagnostic, to the treatment proposals, and to the treatment itself defines how he/she will go through this adventure. While i wouldn't recommend disregarding any rational views on one's case, optimism and faith in one's ability to react and fight back are essential here. The link between the mind and the body is strong...

2- Even with cancer, your body is not the enemy. it's your most prized asset.

The cells in your body are...your cells, they're not an alien element growing inside you. Whatever is the original cause , it's not a good idea to refuse to acknowledge that this is a process that has started and is taking place with your resources inside your own body. If only to mobilise as much as possible the available resources to fight back and help the treatments to reach their best results.
Later, it will be time to think about which life style changes need to be made in order to avoid a return of this type of issue.

3- In social life, you're more than a cancer fighter.

First of all, don't break with social life, meet people, go to work if you an, retreating to a life dominated by home and hospital is not balanced.

But when you meet people, even if they are aware of your plight, don't forget that you're not a walking illness, you are a person, which is fighting a difficult battle, but you are so much more than that, and the mirror that your interlocutors will show you should reflect that.

Continue making plans, reading books, watching movies, indulging in hobbies, sports, travel, talk, and mostly, smile and laugh.
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