Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

4the session, final thoughts

After the vomiting issues subsided, quite easily in the end, it was interesting, and potentially important to find out what caused them.

There was no obvious culprit with the food i ate on Monday, so it must have been a reaction to the chemo.

Î did notice that the flow from he bottle was faster than usual, basically, after 40hours the bottle was close to empty, instead of the 44 to 46 hours usually necessary, at the speed of 2ml per hour.

So, i took the opportunity, yesterday, when the bottle was taken off, to ask the nurse what she thought about that hypothesis.

She replied that it was quite possible, as the speed at which the product flows is also lined to the body heat, and if the apartment has started heating, and/or in case one has some fever, then the flow will speed up. In fact, while it was around 10 am wen we were having this discussion, she said that some other patients, who had their own bottle implanted at the same time, were not expected before 15/00!

So, the lesson is, during the winter, not to overdo heating, and in case it is necessary to be able to stay comfortably in your house, then dress as lightly as possible during the night, to avoid such over-reactions.

More to come as we experiment and discover...
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