Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

4th session, follow-up: a bad night

While the episode of the mini hail-storm was easily overcome, last night ended up a bit dramatic.

After a simple dinner, i went to bed around 23:00, and had to go to the toilets around 1:30, after which i couldn't get back to sleep, and felt something like a hunger pang in my lower abdomen, diffuse but unpleasant.

After some time turning in bed, checking the iPad and finally deciding to go again to the lavatory, as soon as i took a vertical position, i felt something coming up my internal tubes, and just had enough time (and wit) to open up my mouth and see how the remnants of my dinner were passing by.
After a few seconds of vomiting, a second wave went by, and then close by a third one, purely liquid (and acid).

I went back to bed, after ringing my mouth, and sinking a small glass of water; didn't really manage to get back to sleep, and around 6:30 i had to vomit the glass of water. Also noticed that i as with a arm body and cold hands and feet, temperature 38c, not good at all.

I called the hospital, they advised me to take a couple of Litican, and anti-nausea that was prescribed in the beginning, just in case. Drink more water, eat very lightly, restart with rice at lunch time (check), and after a couple of hours everything was back to normal, temperature is currently 36.7c, and it seems that i'll hold on to the food i'm taking, cautiously.

So that was quite an adventure, and hope that this was not a sign of things to come!
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