Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

4th chemo session, first impressions

There's some really good, and some a bit less.

I'll start with the really good, as it's purely objective, the results of the blood tests.

Haemoglobin: 13,2 which is around my usual values; two weeks ago it was 12,8.

Platelets: 196 000; lower, as it was 333 000 last time around, but 209 000 after the surgery.

White cells:5 900! This is also my usual average, and still up from two weeks ago (5 800)

Neutrophiles: 3200, up from 2660.

So, apart from he platelets, which are still within the norm (min 150K), everything is up, including white cells, which means that, up to now, the chemo isn't reducing my immunity. And that's important, as autumn is now here.

I think these results are a mix of a number of good influences, namely restarting physical activities, spending a week at the seaside, running every morning 5 k during that week, plus other activities like swimming, biking etc.

And varied fresh food, with lots of fish and sea-food. Steamed vegetables and fresh fruits. Makes a huge difference in tonicity, stamina, naps not mandatory every day.

In any case, your mileage may differ, be very well aware of your body, don't push too hard, particularly at the beginning, if you're tired, relax, if you're sleepy, take a nap, just try not to get in a passive mode, this doesn't help.

Now for the less good, just as i was leaving the Clinic, some drops of rain fell, and i didn't manage to reach the metro before the drops turned to rain, which in a few seconds turned to a hail storm! Cold small hail stones, very heavy rain, everybody running for cover, and immediately the stingy feeling coming back to my fingers! I managed to find a temporary refuge under a parking for bikes, and waited a few minutes before the heavy rain subsided, and stopped altogether within five minutes or so.
The tinging stayed on for about 35 minutes, though, so it's back to using glove for the next three days, whenever i need something in the fridge!
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