Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Breaking good: the importance of metrics

A process like chemo, or any other process by the way, is based on a clear understanding of the initial situation, with a data set, a crystal clear procedure, the chemo in this case, with a list of drugs and a very precise dosage, adapted to height and weight; Finally, an understanding of what can be considered success, or failure at the end. And, of course, a series of indicators at regular intervals, that will show whether things are going int he right direction, or if there is the need to some changes in the process being implemented.

So, while most readers are not to be bored to death by repetitive data delivered on a daily basis, i will be reporting on the major metrics, right before the start of the chemo, whenever one of the milestones is reached and blood tests or scans are performed, and also at the end, when a final assessment will be available.

In the meantime, i think i will only give some data when they deviate from the norm.

Metrics that may be communicated could take the form of temperature in celsius and ever bouts, white cells count, blood pressure, pulse, or other things that i can't think about right now, but may come up during the 6 months to come.

You've been very nice and patient while reading this post, her's a picture of a cat.

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