Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Listening to your inner systems

Faithful readers, did you miss me? I missed you, but I was busy.

I just followed up on the medical advice given by my oncologist, and went to the seaside in order to enjoy a few swims before the weather gets too cold, as he forbid me to go to public swimming-pools.

One day of travel, a couple of days of long walks, morning runs, walks on the beach, and two swims, yesterday and today, to store up energy before next Monday and the 4th chemo session.

I can only recommend fresh sea-food and freshly caught fish, with local white wine (three are also very good reds) from the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, this will help you stock up on vitamins, protein and other vital minerals. And the fresh air, ioda...

Another thing that has become clear to me after 3 sessions, is how much more aware you become of your own internal processes, after surgery and during chemotherapy.

During the first three days, while the various liquids are being pumped into your body, the feeling of bloatness is very strong, and procures some unpleasant sensations. This slowly goes away during the next two days, after which you start seeing and feeling yourself normally.

The bodily functions, implicated in eliminating excess fluid, and processing food, are...extremely present and vivid during the intermediary period, lasting about 10 days, between the end of the direct effects of the chemo, and the start of the next session. It is not infrequent to have to go to the toilets three or more times during the night, and you become seriously attuned to the vaguest initial manifestations of an imminent need to return there, once again.

Spending a full night without interruptions becomes a welcome rare event, refreshing in its rarity.

You start to understand which foodstuffs are better for you, which are to be avoided for the time being, and which can be consumed once in a while, because the pleasure you will receive once every fortnight from them is higher than the slight inconvenience that you will have to pay the next day!

I believe that this self-awareness is the key for a better and healthier life once all the medical procedures are completed, and you get a clean bill of health.

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