Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

The power of three

Three months have now passed since my colon cancer diagnosis, and three sessions of chemo have also gone by.

Summer has come and gone, and while temperatures have been unexpectedely pleasant, mostly dry and often warm, in Brussels this September, the month is also drawing to a close, and autumn is about to sink in, with much more humid weather, rain and this type of nagging cold humidity that displeased me so much in the past.

From the long list of 20 or more chemotherapy side-effects i seem to suffer mostly from only one right now, and this is mostly visible only during the first 4 days of the treatment, out of 14 days.

While this is probably quite a good result, it also means that i need to brace for closer and more humid weather, and the first consequence is that i'll be wearing gloves outside on a more or less permanent basis, as soon as it rains or that it's colder. And inside every time i need t open the fridge...

Here are my friends for the next couple of weeks...

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