Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

Third chemo session: hand tingling is strong with this one!

Yesterday was the traditional chemo day, stating with a blood test at 8:30, waiting an hour for the results, then another 40 minutes to get my chemo cocktail mixed (shaken, not stirred).

Various vitamins, Potassium and calcium are given, then one drug, then rince, new batch of potassium and calcium, then the second one, rince again, finally the little bottle for the next 44 hours. Which leads me to 16:00 and a short talk with the oncologist. Very pleased by the blood tests everything's fine, watch out for the tingling you experienced last time around, glad to hear your body seems to have adapted to the digestion issues, do you need any drugs to help other side-effects? No, then see you again in two weeks.

Going out and buying a few food items needed, have to open a fridge, and bam, severe tingling of both hands.

Going out under a weak sun, weather hovering around +20 c, but the tingling persisted about an hour, by that time i'm home and feel quite cold.

Check the body temperature, it's down to less than 36c! Need to eat something to build up internal heat, put on a sweater, and things go back towards normal in half an hour.

Scary, so now, for the two coming days, this is my fridge glove!

Had a good night, so that's reassuring.

Good vitals too this morning, with pressure 99/51, and pulse 57.

A bit more than a day to go to get the bottle off, and then back to running and doing stuff.
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