Pierre Dybman (dybmapi) wrote,
Pierre Dybman

3rd chemo session, on-going

While I am sitting comfortably in the Clinic, a catheter sending a number of useful poisons in my bloodstream, I have the blood data taken before starting the session, and San comparé it to the respective figures a session before.

Haemoglobine, 12,6 instead of 12,8; minor change

Platelets, 252000 instead of 333 000, 20% less, but still well inside the norm, which starts at 150000.

White cells, 5000 instead of 5800, the norm starts at 4500 so we're still good

Neutrophiles, 2222 instead of 2660, with the norm starting at 1800.

So we're good for a new round, although I felt objectively better than that, and hoped the white cells, after recovering from the surgery, would stay stable a bit longer.

After this, we'll only have gone through 25% of the protocol...

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